Sunday, September 18, 2005

Alarm Clocks

Amazingly enough, my boyfriend and I have synchronized internal clocks. We get up at the same time every morning sans an alarm. Our back-up system is, of course, Jack. Here in lies the fault in this wake-up procedure---Bill (not a cat) has a new work schedule which "does" require a happy little alarm set on his cell phone, that I do not hear. So, instead of rowsing at 6 AM every morning, a couple of days a week Bill gets up at 3 AM. Jack, never missing a chance to eat, joins him in these wee hours. Jack seems to be confused by this new schedule --- as I said before, he always acts as our back-up alarm, so on the mornings that Bill does not get up at 3, our backup will proceed to sit at either of our shoulders and make this loud "WAH" noise until we get up. Whether or not he is concerned about Bill getting off to work on time or just wants another opportunity to eat is still up for debate. This morning at 3 AM, I'm thinking the little bastard just wanted to eat.


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