Monday, September 19, 2005

Oven mitts

My last cat would calmly sit next to me and allow me to pick up each paw, gently squeezing her toes apart to clip her nails when she began sticking to things. Not so with Jack. There is nothing worse than a huge clawing and biting thing stuck to your sock, pant leg, or shirt sleeve. Especially when it vehemently refuses any attempt on your part to unstick them from you. So it's important that we don't let Jack stick. Easier said than done. You must wait until he is completely asleep, then quietly sneak up and clip a nail, praying he doesn't take a swipe at you while you are within range. Billy can get up to three nails before Jack wakes up. When all attempts of trimming him in his sleep fail, we double up on him. This involves enticing him with little cooing noises and petting motions. When he is withing reach I am in charge of lifting him by his front legs and positioning him for clipping. Billy then grabs a paw and clips quickly while Jack is winding up to grab whatever flesh he can from mine or Billy's hands with his teeth. Big cat, big teeth. Next time I'm using oven mitts.


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