Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jack's club chair

Billy and I had moved some furniture around a few months ago which resulted in Jack losing his favorite chair. It ended up in the foyer, a place that Jack can't access. All of the other furniture (much to his dismay) has been sprayed with this amazing cat repellant which really does keep his hairy ass off of things. In any event, out of courtesy, I moved this chair back into the livingroom last week to make room for one of our neighbors who was moving out. Jack wasted no time in getting reaquainted with his beloved old club chair. He has been living in it for the last week and we haven't had the heart to put it back out in the foyer. So, Jack has two loves in his life, eating, and his beloved chair. I think he loves us too, but not as much as the chair. It's alright, the chair is home more than we are. LOL


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