Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Too much birthday cheer and a BIG head

Amy said it best yesterday as I was well on my way to nursing a 30 hour hangover . . . drinking on your birthday only reminds you that you are too old to do that shit the morning after. I have no excuse other than the Phil and Friends show started at 5 PM and we were prisoners of the beer garden. It takes a bit of frisking to get in, you can't hear the band, they won't let you out of the beer garden with a beer in your hand and you are of course, subjected to more frisking . . . so it was a continuous round of frisking and beer gulping to hear/see the band play. This of course encouraged us to stay in the garden longer, drink more, and drink fast. You want to know why we didn't switch to water??? A beer was only $3 more for a premium than the water, and only a $1 more than a soda!! Oh, and people were buying my drinks for me, 'cause it was my birthday!!! Gonna see Phil again this coming Sunday . . . gotta work the day after, think I'll play this one sober, oh-yeah. BTW if you are wondering, the bunny on the right was me yesterday.


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