Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gardening is my new high

I was on the phone with Michael, desperately trying to give him my full attention as he talked about his very public "coming out," but I was completely distracted by rubber stamps and art paper. He had just parked his car and was rushing to an appointment and I admitted to him that I was in total shopping mode and very distracted, so we said farewell and promised to catch up during the week. Since I'm landscaping this summer and our wedding (that would be Billy and I) is being held in one of the most beautiful gardens and then the reception of course will be in another garden . . . garden seems to be the "theme." In an attempt to be cost effective, I'm thinking that the centerpeices for the tables will double as thank you gifts. Think terra cotta bowls full of fresh herbs and tied up with raffia and little handmade cards with a description of each plant on one side and a thank you/poem on the other. People can take them home and stick them on a windowsill or put them outside . . . which just made me think of something I need to research. More on this later, I promise!


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