Friday, August 18, 2006

The Summer of Affirmation

This has been the summer of affirmation for me. I feel like my life is separated into two parts, that is, life in VT and then life in NY. The trials and tribulations of growing up in a small rural town, the usual level of family disfunction, friends who step in and fill the voids that family can't . . . . Then came college, and then NY. My move to NY marked an emotional and mental transition for me, the first step in many that would elevate me to where I am today. My summer of affirmation comes with the reconnection of old friends from those fragile early days in VT. Two of my best friends, Michael, now residing in Seattle, WA, and my dear friend Curt, in CT, who is bound for the lights of Las Vegas, have both resurfaced. I was able to do lunch with Mike in the spring, and it felt like we had come full circle. The crazy awkward kids that we were somehow managed to find focus, and to finally be comfortable and content with ourselves. I liken it to a natural dissaster where you think that all of your family has been lost and then one by one they turn up, changed, with a new appreciation for what is truly important in life. Thank you to my dear friends for these moments of affirmation and for your lifetime of friendship. Thanks for all your mental hugs and ego stroking. The next round is on me:)


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