Sunday, October 29, 2006


Okay, the winds are blowing anywhere from 20-40 mph today, remnants from that storm that hit west of us last week. We got about three inches of rain yesterday and I'll be honest, I didn't go anywhere. Here at Jack's Diner, there was a whole lot of cookin' going on . . . cookin' comfort food that is. This weekend you could have had anything from baked mac & cheese, to bourbon bread pudding here. Billy got out the crock-pot and fired up a batch of chili as well. That was just a little taste of the weekend's menu.

I got my pumpkin carved first thing yesterday morning. I paid homage to our patron cat, Jack, and carved him and a mouse onto the largest pumpkin I could find. I must say, it came out very cool. One inocent mouse, one cat, claws, and a sinister glow for affect.

Our newest mouser just woke from his nap, right on queue as it's dinner time. Oops, Jack just made an appearance as well. This ends my blogging session. Gotta feed the boys:)


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